A Look at the Most Essential Facts about Growing Cannabis: Where Is Marijuana Grown?

Where is marijuana grown most frequently, and where can you grow it in your own home? Should you even consider it? Based on the legislation as it pertains to where you live, this question can have multiple answers. In some parts of the USA and the world for that matter, the use and cultivation of cannabis is still strictly forbidden. For those people looking to purchase marijuana, Cannabis labels Colorado designs may,  sometime in the future, include where the product originated.

growing cannabis plants

However, there are some states and countries that have taken a more cutting edge stance,  towards both. Whether you want to just buy marijuana or grow your own, it’s important to be aware of where you can and can’t do that.

Marijuana and the Right Geographical Regions

Where is marijuana grown based on geography? Before even considering finding a grow tent or setting up a proper growing medium, such as a greenhouse especially designed for growing marijuana, it’s important to know all there is to know about the legal aspects of the matter.

Depending on where you are, the legislation can vary. While Colorado, California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Massachusetts and Maine have already legalized recreational marijuana use and cultivation, Nevada has only just passed the law, and other states like Montana, Illinois or Michigan only allow medical marijuana to be legally used.

Moreover, some states have not passed any kind of law about marijuana whatsoever. So if you live in Texas, Kansas, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Idaho, Georgia or about a dozen other states where marijuana isn’t legal yet, then be aware that you might end up with a serious legal charge, if you pursue the matter any further.

On the other hand, you can also go to another country to grow marijuana in peace. Uruguay is the only country in the world where the use and cultivation of both recreational and medical marijuana are legal with very few restrictions imposed. Other countries you might consider going to also include Spain, Chile or Jamaica, and you can even grow cannabis in Denmark as long as you have a government issued license for it.

Can You Grow Cannabis at Home?

If you live in an area where it’s legal, you are free to grow cannabis at home without too many restrictions or limits. However, it’s important to note that the marijuana plant requires specific conditions in order to grow properly, and healthy plants can’t usually thrive in a typical garden environment.

For best yields and optimal THC efficiency, you will need to keep cannabis plants at temperatures that range between 24 and 30 °C. This can be obtained in tropical countries, but in the US very few areas have those temperature levels for most of the year. Also, water, humidity, lighting and nutrient levels have to be carefully adjusted for the plant to grow well. All these conditions warrant the use of an indoor growing medium, such as a grow tent, if you are truly serious about growing cannabis.

Ultimately, if you play your cards right and use the proper growing medium, the question “where is marijuana grown most efficiently” will no longer be a problem, and your yields will surpass anything you can hope for.

Post Author: Tyler Larson