What Equipment Is Needed to Research with Mushroom Spores?

Cultivating and researching mushroom spores shouldn’t be as difficult as most people try to make them seem. As long as you have the right tools, you’ll be able to make a lot of progress and document your findings as genuine scientific research. But let’s take a closer look at what you might actually need to get started.

Penis Envy mushrooms

Mushroom Spores, Syringes and More

Whether you want to grow common mushrooms, psychedelic mushrooms or rare species like the penis envy mushrooms and other psilocybin magic mushrooms, you’ll need a few important tools to get started.

First, you’ll need something called a mushroom syringe with actual microscopic mushroom spores contained within it. This is the easiest way to get a hold of mushroom spores, although it can also limit your options. If you’re looking to grow and study rare mushrooms, for example, the spores might be hard to come by and the prices can be very high once you get them.

As a result, you might also consider getting mushrooms and cultivating their spores the old fashioned way. For that, all you need is a glass and paper. You can use them by carefully removing the stem from the mushroom and then focus on the mushroom head. By turning the mushroom head around with the gills facing the paper, you can simply take the glass and press it over the top. As you remove the glass gently, you’ll find that the spores were knocked out of the top of the mushroom and onto the paper.

Something else you’ll need to grow mushrooms that you can use in laboratory condition is a base on which they can grow. In nature, mushrooms grow from soil, as well as on tree bark and dead tree trunks. Since the spores don’t contain chlorophyll as a plant would, they need various substances in the soil or on other bases in order to grow properly. Some good materials you can use include straw, sawdust, grain and wooden plugs. All of these can help you grow good quality magic mushrooms ready for research.

A Good Microscope and Other Scientific Tools

You simply can’t study mushrooms properly without a microscope that has at least an x1000 level of magnification. More would be great, but beyond that point you’ll find that the costs might become pretty high. For starters that level of magnification should be fine, just make sure to get a few disposable lens tissues and possibly some replacement lens just in case you’ll need them.

Make sure to avoid any microscopes that are marketed as toys for kids even if they do have the right magnification specs. They will often fail to offer other important parameters such as the right resolution you’ll need in order to study microscopic mushroom spores as well as the mushrooms themselves.

Glass slides and a good dust cover are also essential tools that you might have to buy. Also, if you don’t have any good lamps, it makes sense to invest in some illuminator bulbs, so you’ll have an appropriate amount of light focused on the mushrooms and spores when you do your research.

Post Author: Tyler Larson