What Is a Mushroom Spore Syringe and What Is It Used for?

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Since magic mushrooms became popular and decriminalized in some parts of the country, there has been a lot of talk about making them easier to grow. This is how the use of spore syringes or culture syringes became popular. These syringes can be used to inoculate a particular substrate with mushroom spores in order to encourage them to germinate and grow into full sized mushrooms.


Although the practice of growing psychedelic mushrooms has popularized this system, mushroom spore syringes are used for various other types of mushrooms as well – yes, even for those that have nothing to do with getting high.


Understanding How Growing Mushrooms Works


Usually, if you want to get magic mushrooms, you’d simply buy them or try to find them in their natural habitat. If you live in Mexico or the southern United States, then you won’t have too much trouble finding them, although it can be a hassle to keep having to travel to the source every time you need a psychedelic “boost.” Fortunately, magic mushrooms can be cultivated at home, and the process is not all that difficult.


The main idea has to do with using a special surface called a “substrate” to grow the mushrooms. Spores are injected into it, and then the mushrooms will grow similarly to how they grow on the bark of certain trees or even on a dead log.


This is a simple method that can help you grow large numbers of mushrooms relatively easily. While the process can be adapted to just about any kind of mushroom, provided that you have the right knowledge, enough syringes and enough substrate, it is also highly convenient, since you won’t need to make anything yourself. You can buy the substrate, the mushroom spores and the syringe, and you’ll find the process to be quite easy once you get the hang of it.


Of course, it’s also possible to make your own mushroom spore syringe. However, the difficulty lies in cultivating the spores themselves, which is often a different process for various types of mushrooms. For the purpose of avoiding all that hassle, it’s best to buy the readymade syringes and mushroom spore kit together with the spores.


Buying and Using Your Spore Syringe


The great thing about mushroom spore syringes is that they come with the actual spores which are preserved inside the water contained by the syringe. Depending on the substrate (many mushrooms grow very well on sawdust substrates), you’ll have to determine exactly what quantity of the water you can inject. After sterilizing the substrate, it’s usually best to use no more than about 3-4 mm of the water inside the syringe when you inject it into the substrate; however, it can vary from one mushroom to another.


Since even magic mushroom spores are legal due to the fact that they don’t contain any psychedelic agents before they germinate, you can easily buy the syringes and use them for growing magic mushrooms. However, make sure that you are aware of the legal restrictions in your state. Growing, owning and using magic mushrooms in a state where it’s still illegal can land you into a lot of trouble with the law, and may lead to severe financial penalties as well as jail time.

Post Author: Tyler Larson