What is the legal state of marijuana? Can it be consumed?

The legal position of marijuana and its consumption is still something that we haven’t gotten over. We, as well as, the governmental bodies are arguing on the legal position of the weed and the safety of the person who consumes it. Though a lot of medical journals and private researchers state that marijuana is not bad for consumption and that it has a lot of medical benefits and makes it fit enough to consume, still few countries haven’t settled on the debate. So here we will discuss the legal position of marijuana and whether or not it should be legalised.

The present state of marijuana:

As of now many countries and the law don’t allow people to consume marijuana. They have a feeling that legalising marijuana could be equal to legalised an abusive drug, but they are wrong there. This is the idea that prevents them from legalising the act of consuming marijuana. So a large number of countries across the globe have not legalised marijuana. However, some countries have.

Countries that have granted legal permission:


Out contrary to the rest of the world, few countries have understood the benefits of marijuana, and they have concurred with the fact that it is not as harmful as we portray it and also because of the fact that it cannot be completely stopped they have taken steps to legalise it. So here are some of the countries that have legalised the act, America is one of the major global countries to have supported the act of consuming marijuana.

The US laws are quite flexible. Even before it could be legalised about 40% of the Americans stated that they use marijuana and that they cannot stop it. But still, some states in America are still against the marijuana practice. They feel that marijuana is a drug no matter whether it is harmful or not and that it cannot be legalised and allowed for people to consume it.

Why have countries legalised marijuana?

A lot of people were already consuming marijuana, and still, the nation wasn’t able to do anything about it. Moreover, it was medically proven that marijuana is not harmful and that it can cure a lot of diseases that people suffer with. A large number of people in these countries came forward to support the act of legalising it, and most of them were already consuming it in some or the other way, and that is the reason why few countries like the US chose to legalise it and that people need not have to consume it in hideouts. However, people are doing it at their own risk and that nobody shall be held responsible for that.

Post Author: Tyler Larson