Why should marijuana be legalised?

A lot of people who belong to the medical fraternity have proven the fact that marijuana has a lot of medical values and that it can act on a lot of diseases positively and can have a curable impact on it. However, there are still a lot of countries that ban the use of marijuana in any form. One cannot both grow and consume it and on the other hand still cannot prevent the consumption of marijuana. But we feel that marijuana consumption can be legalised and here are some of the reasons.

Because people consume it:

Though we believe that marijuana is a drug that one isn’t legally permitted to consume there are still a lot of people who consume it one a regular basis. The government was only able to lay rules, but it wasn’t able to control the act of using it completely. When people cannot be stopped from consuming it, it is better that you make it legal and let people consume it at their risk just as we did for cigars an alcohol.

No deaths have been recorded:


Though marijuana is considered harmful, there still aren’t any deaths recorded as a result of consuming marijuana, and this means that marijuana doesn’t kill anybody. On the other hand, it has helped people live and can cure a lot of your medical issues. This is also one reason why the government cannot completely ban the act of consuming marijuana. You might think what can happen if it is overdosed. Even in that case, there isn’t anybody who dies. So you can boldly go for consuming marijuana.

It is safer than we think:

It is actually safe than we think it is. We are saying this because most of the drugs that we consume these days can have mush adverse effects than the effects that we can have from consuming marijuana. Just before this did have been legalized, we are consuming them, but they are worse than marijuana. But since this fact is not proven not a bigger platform, marijuana is still considered as an evil drug. That is why we are saying that marijuana is very much safe than you think it is and it can be gladly legalised.

It shall not abuse you:

Many people think that marijuana can have adverse and unrealistic effects and the same can lead to addiction. But this is not true. Yes, marijuana doesn’t take you to the stage of addiction, and people don’t actually get addicted to marijuana consumption. It is simply the belief of the people, and that is not the truth. Only a random of 10% of the total consumers can get addicted to it, and that also isn’t as risky as you think it is.

Post Author: Tyler Larson