What Is Pure CBD Oil?

pure CBD oil Pueblo

The hype around CBD has determined many entrepreneurs to open stores selling products containing cannabidiol – oil, tinctures, creams, pills or even pet products. However, the CBD market is still a murky place. There are no clear standards adopted nationwide and this allows many dishonest persons a lot of leeway in selling low quality CBD or even dangerous chemically produced cannabidiols.

The term for the highest quality product in this specific range is pure CBD oil. Pure CBD oil Pueblo stores sell this expensive product which offers all the benefits identified by healthcare professionals.

Pure CBD Oil – Exactly What Does It Mean?

This product is known under two names: pure CBD oil or organic CBD oil. The issue of purity must take into account several factors, not just the potency of the CBD oil.

The acknowledged modality of recognizing pure CBD oil is parts of the hemp plant used for extraction. Thus, in order to obtain this kind of oil, only the buds of the plant are used. This ensures that the resulting extract contains only cannabidiol (CBD) – hence, the name pure.

By contrast, raw CBD oil contains other cannabinoids, including THC, which is the psychoactive compound of hemp. The method of extracting raw CBD oil uses all the parts of the hemp plant: buds, flowers and stalks. This means that one hemp plant can yield more raw CBD oil than pure CBD oil. Hence the price difference between the two types of CBD oils.

How to Recognize Pure CBD Oil?

Finding pure CBD oil is a complex issue. The method of extraction is a good indicator of the level of purity of the CBD compound, but it is not enough. Here are some indicators customers must look for if they want to be sure they get the product they want:

  1. Type of the Plant Used

Cannabis is a generic name for several species. The best type for creating pure CBD oil is Cannabis sativa, popularly known as Indian hemp. You may frequently see CBD oil advertised as “pure”, but it is made out of Cannabis indica, better known as marijuana.

  1. Origin of the Plants

Cannabis is a hyperaccumulator plant. This means that it absorbs heavy metals, such as mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium or thallium. Therefore, if you want to be sure that your pure CBD oil does not also give you a dose of any of these dangerous metals, then you should find a specification that the cannabis plants come from an organic farm. This specification should be included on the Certificate of Analysis prepared by an independent laboratory.

  1. Method of Extraction

While not publicly available on labels, you should inquire about the method of extraction of the oil you are about to purchase. Pure CBD oil is obtained by heating the cannabis buds.

  1. Taste

A sure way to identify pure CBD oil is by its taste. Raw CBD oil has a bitter taste that almost everyone finds unpleasant. By contrast, the genuine pure CBD oil has a mild, nutty taste, quite palatable for most users.

Post Author: Tyler Larson